A New Reality

Since Covid-19, our reality has changed.   What kind of reality would we like to have? One based on fear, resistance and judgment or one based on kind...View Details


What is the impact of having clutter? Do we only in regard to what we surround ourselves with; physical clutter? Are there other areas where we have c...View Details


What is the difference between making a choice and making a decision? They are worlds apart. Making a decision involves judgments to come to the corre...View Details


Judgment, the decision something is good - bad, right - wrong, true - false created polarity. This polarity is the basis of the battles or wars we hav...View Details

What is Normal?

What is normal? It seems that normal is something people agree upon that is right or correct or usual. What if this is all based on a judgment? Can we...View Details

Comfortable Distance

What is comfortable distance? Why would we keep a comfortable distance? Are we willing to be honest with ourselves to find out where we keep those dis...View Details

Wait or Create

In this time of Covid 19 are we waiting or creating? How many of us are waiting until the lock down ends and we can get back to our normal lives? Or a...View Details